Route 88

("A Keyboard Roadmap for Piano Students"): Contains pages of keyboard charts for circling groups of two or three black keys, writing names of white keys and identifying sharps and flats (white as well as black). "Play and Say", "Keyboard Challenges" and "Just for Fun" pages offer students numerous activities for keyboard familiarization and exploration. Additional pages of keyboard charts allow teachers to customize drill according to individual needs.
Price: $6.00

The Note Detective

("A Keyboard and Note Decoding Handbook for Piano Students"):
In the manner of a detective, students collect clues: "up", "down", "step" and "skip", and how they relate on keyboard and staff. The workbook concludes with a final "Clue Review" and a certificate promoting the student to the rank of "Note Detective."
Price: $6.00

Theory-  Music basics for piano students
Workbooks in three levels provide drill in reading, writing, rhythm, terms, symbols, pentachords, triads, intervals, scales, transposition and ear training.
Level One (62 pages) Price: $8.00
Level Two (74 pages) Price: $9.00.
Level Three (in revision)
Theory Games:
Consists of one hundred thirty-five question and activity cards divided into two categories: "Say" (testing students' knowledge of music), and "Play" (requiring students to demonstrate specific skills at the piano). May be used during group or private lessons. (Includes two dice for use as a group game: Students roll two dice: one indicating "Play" or "Say", the other featuring notes or rests whose beat value will determine number of points scored for correct answers or performances.)
Price: $12.00
Super Music
Drills identification of terms and symbols in a "Bingo" format. Includes eight laminated game boards and forty-four question cards.
Price: $12.00
Lazy People's Rhythmic Dictation
Rhythmic dictation made quick and easy! Instead of writing, students set out note and rest cards to indicate rhythm patterns played by the teacher. May be used during private instruction or with groups of up to eight players. Suitable for students of all instruments.
Price: $12.00 for four sets of cards (thirty-six cards per set)                                   
The Great Keyboard Race
Teaches interval recognition. Students compete to be first to advance to the top of the keyboard. (Moves are determined by cards showing notated intervals: "up a 4th", "down a 2nd"...) Includes a three-octave keyboard chart, forty-five playing cards and four game tokens.
Price: $12.00.
Professor Beat
Students eagerly count rhythm in order to determine if the patterns on their "Tic-Tac-Toe" style game boards correspond to the number of beats requested by the caller.
It's Accidental!
Students identify sharps and flats (on white as well as black keys) to play this game, similar in format to the one described above.
Professor Beat and It's Accidental are sold together - one game on each side of six double-sided game boards.
Price: $15.00

Word Find
Similar to the "Tic-Tac-Toe" format of the previous two games, students must identify note names to decipher words spelled out in whole notes on the Grand Staff.
Level A features words three letters in length spelled in notes ranging from bass clef 3rd space E to treble clef 3rd line B.  Level B words are 4 letters long; note range is from bass clef 1st line G to treble clef 5th line F.
Price for each level:  $10.00
Boo-tiful Halloween Music Bingo
A "music appreciation" game in "Tic-Tac-Toe" format. Students listen to musical examples  (sequence determined by teacher) including "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", "In the Hall of the Mountain King", "Funeral March of a Marionette"; eight others. (Recording not included.) Teachers may duplicate game boards for use at Halloween workshops and parties.
Price: $2.00