First Piano Halloween
Earliest beginners can enjoy playing "spooky" Halloween music with these 11 duets. The student plays the accompaniments (ostinatos taught by rote) while teacher, parent or older sibling plays the melodies. Titles include "Footsteps at Midnight", "Night on Monster Mountain", "Skeleton Dance", "Lullaby for a Sleepy Ghost", "Trick or Treat on Mars", "Ghosts of the Haunted Swamp" and "The Pirates Dance on Halloween."
Price: $5.00
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Halloween Night...- Excerpt

Mozart For Two
Fourteen excerpts from the keyboard, vocal and orchestral works of Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart, arranged for piano duet. Primo parts are in the late "Level One-Two" range, with melodies divided between the hands; teachers or experienced students play Secondo. Note values are doubled in a number of instances to facilitate counting, but rhythmic vitality is not sacrificed and Mozart's exquisite melodies and harmonies remain true to the originals.
Price: $7.00
Baroque for Two
Twenty gems of the Baroque arranged from keyboard, instrumental and choral works of Handel, Bach, Rameau, Purcell, Telemann, Clarke, Duncombe and Vivaldi. Primo Parts are in the "Level One-Level Two" range. Primo and Secondo parts are printed in separate volumes, eliminating awkward page turns in two-page duets.
Price: $10.00

First Four-Hand Favorites
Twenty original duets and arrangements for early beginners to advancing Level One-Level Two. Arrangements include "Royal March of the Lion" "Swan Lake" (opening theme), "Dance of the Little Swans", "Old Joe Clark." Originals include "Long Ago and Far Away",
"Fiddle Tune", "Hopak", "Sea Chantey"; twelve more.
Price: $6.00