Christmas in Many Keys

Nineteen traditional carols; offers early exposure to keys other than C Major (e.g.- "Good King Wenceslas" in D Flat Major, "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" in F Sharp Major, "Joy to the World" in A Major, "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" in B Flat Major...).  Keyboard charts marked with fingerings at the head of each carol aid in placement of fingers on the keys. Suitable for first-year students of all ages.
Price $6.00

Start With a Song

Arrangements of nine familiar melodies to play from the first lesson:
Students play by fingerings, enabling them to immediately experience the enjoyment and satisfaction of playing a "real song" while developing essential reading skills in "Music Time."
Price $4.00

Music Time

("Read-Count-Play: a first reading and repertoire for piano students"):
Promotes reading of pitch and rhythm in sixty-two short exercises and melodies from four to sixteen measures in length, using a multi-key approach. Quarter and half rests appear as releases in fifty-seven of the sixty-two musical examples, exposing students to phrasing from the first lesson.  Rudimentary hands together playing is introduced in eight examples.
Price: $6.00

Let's Make Music

(A second reading and repertoire book for piano students):
A variety of styles are presented in this volume of seven folk song arrangements, eighteen original melodies and a theme from the first movement of Beethoven's Violin Concerto. Slur-staccato articulation and hands together playing are developed in a "multi-key" approach begun in the previous volume.
Price: $6.00

(Music Time and Let's Make Music may be used as "method" books or as supplementary repertoire in conjunction with other methods.)

Invitation to the Piano

A first reading and repertoire book for adult beginners; utilizes much of the material found in "Music Time", however the use of such titles such as "Agitation in C"; "Cacophony For Two"; "G Major Scale Study" renders the material appropriate for use with teenagers and adults.
Price: $6.00

Piano Miniatures

Two collections of solos in various styles (eleven in Volume 1, twelve in Volume 2), appropriate for all ages. Ranging in difficulty from early to late beginner, but described as being "for the advancing pianist" rather than by a "level" designation, it is particularly effective with students who need a great deal of reading practice, but would feel discouraged (or insulted) if given yet another "Level One" or "Level Two" book.
Price per volume: $5.00

Water Music

Eight early elementary to early intermediate pieces on water related themes. Titles and levels (EE: Early Elementary, E: Elementary, EI: Early Intermediate) are as follows:
    "Bobby Shaftoe's Gone to Sea" (solo with optional duet: EE)
     "Raindrop Boogie"(solo: E)
    "Rain, Rain, Go Away" (solo: EE)
    "Short Ride in a Gondola " (solo: EI)
    "Snow is Falling" (solo: E)
    "South River Barcarolle" (solo: EI)
    "The Storm" (solo: E)
    "Wind of the Western Sea" (duet: Primo: E, Secondo: EI)
Price: Sold as a set of eight pieces for $8.00.
(Please email the author to order individual pieces at $1.50 each.)