Reading and Rhythm

I've Got Rhythm

Daily exercises to play and count with metronome. (sixteen sets, each containing five exercises four measures in length.) Progresses from quarter notes and quarter rests to eighth notes, eighth rests and dotted quarter + eighth note.
Price: $4.00

I've Got Rhythm II

Daily exercises to play and count with metronome. (twenty-one sets containing five or six exercises, four measures in length.) Includes triplets, sixteenth notes, compound meter, syncopation and cut time .
Price: $4.00

Exceptional Rhythm

Combines pitch and rhythm in sixty-seven exercises, four measures in length. Progresses from basic rhythms utilizing two pitches to more complex rhythms utilizing up to five pitches.
Price: $4.00

Take A Rest

Students practice rests (as releases) in the twenty-eight four-measure exercises contained in this volume; to be played hands together while counting aloud.
Price: $4.00

Sight Reading Cards

Designed to develop fluency in reading and playing melodic intervals. Consists of five levels of gradually increasing complexity, 24 cards per level. (Cards are color-coded by level and printed six to a sheet, to be cut out for use.)  
   Level A: three pitches: repeated notes, 2nds and 3rds
   Level B: 3-4 pitches; introduces change of direction
   Level C: consists of 6-8 pitches
   Level D: 7 to 10 pitches; introduces 4ths
   Level E: 8-12 pitches; introduces 5ths.
Price: $8.00 per set