Composition: Ideas to help you start composing  
This booklet provides a springboard to composition for beginners of all ages. Contains fifteen lists of subjects of a programmatic nature (e.g.- "animals", "at the circus", "fairy tales", food", "sports"....) to "spark" the imagination of young children, and a more formal, non-condescending approach for older beginners, touching on musical forms, tonalities, accompaniment styles and strategies. 
Price: $2.00
Composer's Notebook
("A theoretical and practical guide to composition for piano students"):
Presents information (e.g.- "Musical form", "How to vary a theme", "What is Program Music") and numerous composition related exercises (e.g.- writing rhythm in various meters, completing melodies with imitation/repetition/ sequence; ostinato accompaniments; compositional devices, composing melodies with imitation...); includes twenty pages of blank music manuscript paper for students' original work. (Some experience necessary; not for early beginners)
Price: $7.00